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Get the best real estate and property deals at Michigan with DeHaven Real Estate Company

If you are residing somewhere in Michigan or somewhere nearby Michigan, then you must have heard of the name DeHaven Real Estate Company. They are known to be the best real estate company in comparison to many other real estate companies that are there presently in Michigan. The president of the company Craig DeHaven is a well experienced personality in not only real estate industry but also in hotel operations. After being in the post of Regional Vice President for a number of hotels for quite a good time, Craig started his own venture with the Hyatt chain of hotels.


Craig DeHaven and team


At DeHaven you will be welcomed by a highly skilled and professional team who are not only specialized in real estate but also in property management. Craig DeHaven always had a vision of staying in the industry and in the market with a friendly business environment with even the competitors. Following this code of conduct, today the DeHaven Real Estate Company is recognized by not only a number of financial institutions in Michigan but also some of the competitor real estate companies both in and around Michigan.


The company and its staffs deal with a number of services that you will be able to notice. They specialize in areas such as construction management, professional property management, investment counseling, business brokerage, facilities management and many others that will make you feel as if you are getting a full package of service along with the real estate deal.


DeHaven Real Estate Company – Different from other real estates in Michigan


DeHaven Real Estate Company is now a brand in Michigan and is also spreading its wings in various other parts outside Michigan. The company is way ahead and different from many best real estate companies due to a number of reasons.


The team member of the company never believes in the fact of compromising. You will get all that you have desired for and you do not have to compromise on any point while getting the deal from this real estate company. Also, the DeHaven Real Estate Company offers you with a lot of extra and special facilities such as insurance and loan advisors, vendors for different activities required and many others.


The most important point and the best part of the company is that, you can have your property from DeHaven Real Estate Company at a much reasonable and lesser price than any other real estate companies at Michigan.

2 years ago

Rely on the DeHaven Real Estate Company to get the best property at Michigan

Real estate business is the new industry that is successfully rising each day in the modern world. At present you can find a plenty of real estate companies and business holders with their attractive creations. Well if you are searching for a real estate property in or near Michigan, then you can consider the DeHaven Real Estate Company to be the best search. Craig DeHaven is the president of the company.


About Craig DeHaven


The president of the company DeHaven Real Estate, Craig DeHaven has an experience of more than 30 years in hotels, operations, leasing and management in about 13 states. Prior to establishing his own real estate company, Craig was the Regional Vice President of Hospitality Management Corporation where he had the responsibility of five rising hotels and had to manage the hotel operations supervising almost 1000 staffs. With such great experience he started his real estate company with the Hyatt hotels.


Craig DeHaven believes that compromise between two companies or with the clients can never lead to a successful venture and hence it is his best trial to be perfect not only with his clients but also with his competitors. The same stamina and thinking is also flowed on to his staffs and hence they provide the best services to the clients each time. Due to the high rating services and code of ethics, the DeHaven Real Estate Company has successfully represented and also has established a long lasting relationship with not only the financial institutions but also with the other real estate companies of Michigan.


About DeHaven Real Estate Company


If you are counting on the services of DeHaven Real Estate Company, then you can be assured to get the best results at a reasonable effort and cost. With a great marketing plan and then a good sales strategy the staffs will not only satisfy you with a property that you would love but they will also ensure you with many extra facilities and services and you can be sure that others cannot provide.


On selling the real estate property to you, the management staffs will also ensure you with a number of additional facilities such as the insurance, vendors for snow or lawn and many others that becomes an important part if you are residing in Michigan. Altogether you can definitely claim that the services at DeHaven Real Estate Company is far ahead than its competitors at a much lesser cost.